Local response to Government 2020 Planning White Paper

£11 million developer donations to the Tory party last year. Why?

£11 million was donated to the Tory party last year by developers. Why? What do developers want in return? Mr Johnson's widely publicised predictable response is Build, build, build!

The Johnson Government, in its 'Planning for the Future' paper, is proposing the partial abandonment of planning controls. Effectively, the Planning White Paper looks to remove local control over what is built here. There's a real danger we are going to have even more dwellings allocated to Romsey's green fields.


Housing new builds: Romsey already has its fair share!

Government policy requires Councils to have Local Plans to allocate land for housing and employment.  Romsey is covered by Test Valley's Borough Local Plan (BLP) dated 2016. This requires 588 dwellings to be built in Test Valley in every year of the plan period, 2011 to 2026. Romsey and southern Test Valley has to provide 273 of those dwellings...every year. 

If the completion of houses falls behind these figures, the Government's Planning Inspectorate will award additional Planning Permissions over the heads of local Councillors. The number of dwellings built to the north east of Romsey including those along Cupernham Lane, at Abbotswood and Kings Chase adds up to 1,356. At Whitenap the BLP expects another 1,300. There's a huge impact on traffic generation and real pressure on local services, schools and GP surgeries.


A bigger issue: developers should build existing permissions.

"A bigger issue is getting developers to actually deliver what’s already been given permission”, says Romsey's County Councillor, Mark Cooper. 

"Romsey's Brewery site is a classic example. 

We need the Government to sort out the lack of housing delivery and compel developers to complete their permissions. Currently there are 1 million houses given planning permission in England that developers have not developed.  

It seems the Government has no intention of compelling the developers to deliver. The financial links between developers and the Government, such as the £11 million of donations last year, is not conducive for good planning," says Mark.

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